Considerable experience and knowledge of our lawyers, accumulated over years of practice, allow us to represent successfully the interests of our clients in a wide range of disputes. When settling disputes, we aim to achieve a reasonable balance between the interests of the client, his reputational and financial risks.


We have won court cases in disputes with: NJSC “NAFTOGAZ”, “STATE FISCAL SERVICE OF UKRAINE” (the total amount of won cases exceeds 100 million UAH), PJSC “DIAMANTBANK”, PJSC “KB “KHRESHCHATYK” and a number of other banking and financial institutions, the DEPOSIT GUARANTEE FUND, the MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS OF UKRAINE, the State Property Fund of Ukraine, etc.


ALLIES is an advisor on business tax planning, tax strategy in the field of financial transactions, international tax planning issues and resolution of complex tax disputes. We keep our clients' business goals in mind, enabling us to implement effective strategies that maximize tax benefits and minimize tax liabilities.


We have conducted dozens of successful tax audits for our clients. Have successfully appealed on numerous decisions of tax authorities in both administrative (pre-trial) and judicial proceedings.


ALLIES advises on all issues related to the bankruptcy procedure and business restructuring. With a deep understanding of the bankruptcy process, our lawyers develop and implement comprehensive solutions for all aspects of bankruptcy or restructuring - from strategy development to litigation.


We have long-standing relationships with key players in the industry and regularly represent a range of stakeholders, such as debtors, investors, employees and asset buyers, security holders, secured and unsecured creditors.


In 2020, ALLIES became one of the leading legal companies of Ukraine in the field of IT law and recognized as one of the market leaders.

In the IT industry, we advise and represent both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

The ALLIES team offers its clients solutions for the entire spectrum of legal aspects that arise in every segment of the IT industry (including issues of intellectual property law, issues of taxation and choosing an jurisdiction, issues of antimonopoly, corporate and criminal law, issues of entering international markets and attracting investments).


  • Choosing the appropriate organizational structure for of the startup and preparation of the corporate contract.
  • Development for a company that specializes in a number of SAAS products, a tax model of running business both in Ukraine and in other jurisdictions.
  • Registration of intellectual property rights for products developed by a number of Ukrainian IT companies.
  • Development of a number of license agreements for numerous IT companies.
  • Development of privacy policies taking into account GDPR requirements.
  • Representation the client - a large Ukrainian IT company in criminal proceedings related to the violation of NDA and NCA agreements and the theft of company data.
  • Development of a numerous service contracts for IT companies.
  • Representation of the American IT company in the transaction on the purchase of the IT product.
  • Conducting a number of domain disputes.
  • Providing a number of legal consultations on entering international markets, attracting investments.
  • Choosing the appropriate organizational structures for our clients.


ALLIES has created a narrow-profile "Business Compliance" practice.
The creation of such a practice related to the fact that many enterprises, in need of complex and systematic legal support for business, cannot afford to keep a team of experienced lawyers practicing in various fields of law.


Our team effectively uses the practice of "Business Compliance" in solving corporate issues. This confirmed by experience in the establishing of the management bodies of more than 15 public and private joint-stock companies (general meetings, supervisory board and executive body) and resolution of corporate conflicts, in particular those that
arise in the implementation of significant transactions and in the separation and termination of joint-stock companies.


Both import and export transactions require the calculation of many aspects: legal support, currency risks, logistics and insurance risks, tax and customs aspects. Our team, basing on the significant experience of legal support of import and export transactions, uses comprehensive solutions for our clients and minimizes related risks.


We supported transactions on numerous of foreign trade agreements worth hundreds of millions of dollars. One of these projects was the import of 200 units of automotive equipment of the "Daimler AG" company for the Ukrainian manufacturer and the legal support of the foreign trade contract for the supply of 40 freight railway cars.


Investing is a profitable, but at the same time risky business. We are able and know how to analyze investment risks, not limiting ourselves to legal aspects, but comprehensively weighing both legal and economic components.


We are proud of the successful implementation of the investment and legal mechanism for the construction of residential district in Kyiv.
Hundreds of profitable capital investments in the real estate market of Ukraine were the result of our professionalism.


Running a business in Ukraine attracts attention from the representatives of law enforcement and control bodies. High-quality and timely legal advice will help to prevent violations of current legislation, to calculate possible risks for the company and its officials, and in the event of starting criminal proceedings, to determine the line of conduct and defense tactics.